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TM2000 Booksize PC System

The TM2000 Databook PC is an ultra compact desktop system integrating the 440BX LI6BM motherboard.
Combined with a Pentium? II or Pentium? III processor, it provides the power you need for today's applications in a significantly smaller footprint.

TM2000 Case
Dimensions:4.0"H x 13.1"W x 15.2"D
Detachable front panel housing
accommodates a 3.5"FDD, 3.5"HDD,
and standard-size CD-ROM drive
Power Supply
135 watts (supports +5V/ +12V
Switchable 110V/220V voltage
Front Panel
Floppy disk drive
CD-ROM / DVD drive
Actibity LEDs (LAN, HDD & Power)
Rear View
Two expansion slots
External I/O port connectors

Ordering Information
Part Number Chipset LCD Support LAN
TM2000 Intel 440BX N/A N/A
TM2000N Intel 440BX N/A Yes
TM2000W Intel 440BX Yes Yes
TM2000P VIA Apollo Pro Plus N/A N/A
TM2000NP VIA Apollo Pro Plus N/A Yes

*The Basic unit includes a case, power supply, FDD, Riser Card and LI6BM motherboard.
**Intel 440BX AGPset or VIA Apollo Pro Plus chipset.

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