Transmeta TM3120 / 5400 All-in-one Multimedia Little Board


Processor Socket None
Processor Transmeta TM3120, up to 400MHz. Transmeta TM5400, up to 677MHz
Chipset Transmeta TM/3120/5400 & VIA 82C686
Bus Speed (FSB) 66MHz
System Memory 64 or 128MB on board memory. One 168-pin DIMM socket for a maximum of 256MB SDRAM exapnsion
VGA/LCD controller SMI 721 chipset with 4/8/16MB display memory that supports CRT and DUAL LCD flat panel up to XGA resolution
BIOS Award DMI Plug & Play
Onboard Audio VIA VT82C686
SSD interface One DOC socket supports SSD size up to 288MB
Expansion Slots

One 32-bit PCI slot. OnePCMCIA type II/III slot

IDE Interface 2 x Bus Mastering EIDE mode, up to 4 devices. Supports Ultra 33/66/100
Floppy Drive Interface 2 x 360k/720k/1.2MB/1.44MB/2.88MB FDDs
Hardware Monitoring VIA VT82C686 monitos CPU temperature, system temperature, voltages and fan speeds.
Four Serial Ports COM 1/3/4: RS-232. COM2: RS-232/422/485
Parallel Port 1x high speed Bi-directional SPP/ECP/EPP
Keyboard and Mouse Mini-DIN PS/2 Keyboard and Mouse connectors
Universal Serial Ports Pin header for 4 USB ports
IR interface Supports One IrDA header
Watchdog Timer 16 levels
LAN Intel 82559B 10/100Mbps LAN chips x 2
Dimensions 5.74" x 8"
Operating Temperature 0 - 60 degree Celsius
Humidity 5% - 95% relative