Form Factor
Little Board (5.25" FDD Form Factor)
Model No. SI5TTM SI7BM SI7SM (New)
TH-512 (New)
Processor Type Socket 7 Socket 370 Socket 370 BGA 474
Processor Pentium MMX AMD K5 K6 K6/2 Celeron Coppermine Celeron Coppermine Transmeta TM3120/5400
Chipset Intel 430TX Intel 440BX Intel 815E + ICH2 TM3120/5400+VIA686
BIOS Award Award Award Award
Bus Speed 66 MHz 66/100 MHz 66/100/133 MHz 66 MHz
Power Management ACPI ACPI ACPI ACPI
L2 Cache 512KB CPU Integrated CPU Integrated CPU Integrated
Max. System Memory 128MB (SIMM) 256MB (DIMM) 512MB (DIMM) 64/128MB on board
Audio Creative CT2511 ESS1938 Intel ICH2 VIA 686
Serial Port 4 4 4 4
Parallel 1 1 1 1
IDE Interface UDMA33x2 UDMA33x2 UDMA33/66/100x2 UDMA33/66/100x2
FDD Interface 2 2 2 2
Hardware Monitoring Yes Yes Yes Yes
LCD Controller C&T 69000 C&T 69000/69030 SMI 721 SMI720/721
CRT Controller C&T 69000 C&T 69000/69030 SMI 721 SMI720/721
Display Memory 2MB 2MB/4MB 8MB/16BM 4MB/8MB/16BM
LAN Interface VIA VT86C100A Realtek RTL8139B Intel 82559B+ICH2 Intel 82559B x 2
SCSI Controller No No No No
USB Port 2 2 4 4
SSD Interface 2~144MB 2~144MB up to 288MB up to 288MB
IrDA Interface Yes Yes Yes Yes
Power Saving Yes Yes Yes Yes
Power Supply Type AT AT ATX ATX/AT
Expansion Slot PC/104, PCI PC/104, PCI PC/104+, PCI x 1 PC/104+, PCI x 1, PCMCIA
Special Feature N/A N/A Digital I/O Digital I/O
PCB Layer 6 6 6 6
Dimensions 5.74"(L)x8"(W) 5.74"(L)x8"(W) 5.74"(L)x8"(W) 5.74"(L)x8"(W)
Operating Temperature 0~60oC 0~60oC 0~60oC 0~60oC
Humidity 5~95% 5~95% 5~95% 5~95%
CE Certification Yes Yes Yes Yes
FCC Certification Yes Yes Yes Yes