About TMC

Established in 1983, Taiwan Mycomp Co., Ltd. (TMC) started producing IBM PC compatible products. TMC has grown into a US$65 million international company in 1999 (estimated to be US$85 million in 2000) with over 130 employees. Sales grew constantly through the years by persistently integrating innovation and quality into all products shipped out. TMC's total commitment to customer satisfaction has upheld its worldwide reputation for excellence.

TMC ranks among the top 10 in the design and manufacture of IPC products in the computer industry. It was the first CPU card manufacturer to incorporate 8088 processors into its designs. Currently, TMC produces a variety of IPC products that support different chipsets and features to meet the demand of all market segment. IPC products such as CPU card, Compact PCI modules and backplanes are designed to pass the most stringent requirements for both commercial and industrial applications.

R&D departments in the USA and Taiwan ensure the latest technologies are incorporated into our products.

TMC manufacturing facilities received ISO 9002 certification in 1994 and have been producing Socket 7, Slot 1, Socket 370 and Slot 2 motherboards certified by Novel, Microsoft and CE. Moving along with environmental protection trends, TMC has phased in a Non-Wash facility in 1997 to implement a Non-CFC production process.

TMC's solid foundation of experience and quality, and our focus on satisfying the needs of our customers ensure that we will continue to provide products with outstanding value and performance for the international computer industry.

TMC Location

May 1983 Established.
Nov 1983 Shipped 8088 IBM compatible PC systems.
1985 Designed, manufactured and exported IBM PC compatible add-on cards.
1986 First company in Taiwan to ship PC MFM disk controllers.
1986 Evolved into a motherboard manufacturer.
1987 First company in Taiwan to ship passive backplane CPU cards and EGA cards.
1987 Set up a new product development center in USA.
1989 Set up Germany sales office.
1992 Set up UK sales office.
1992 Installed the 1st SMD line.
1994 Installed the 2nd SMD line.
May 1994 Certified ISO9002.
Jun 1994 First company in Taiwan to ship Pentium motherboards.
Jun 1996 Applied dynamic burn-in test in production.
Feb 1997 Added another two sets of ICT equipment to make a total of 4 sets.
Mar 1997 Set up 3rd SMD line.
Jun 1997 Phased in 'Non-Wash' facility for Non-CFC production process.
Jun 1997 First Taiwan company to market a PICMG-architecture CPU card based on the Intel 430TX PCIset in Computex Taipei.
Mar 1998 First to promote a PICMG-architecture CPU card that supports Pentium II and the Intel 440BX AGPset in Hannover exhibit.
Nov 1998 First to promote a PICMG-architecture CPU card that supports Socket 370 and Intel 440BX AGPset in Comdex Fall.
Jan 1999 First to promote a PISA-architecture CPU card supporting Socket 370 and Intel 440BX AGPset.
Feb 1999 First to design and market a motherboard with 6 Master PCI slots that is based on the VIA MVP3 chipset and supports AMD K6-III processors.
Feb 1999 First to design and market a cost-effective motherboard with 6 Master PCI slots that is based on the Intel 440ZX AGPset chipset and supports Pentium II/III processors.
Mar 1999 First to market a CompactPCI CPU card that supports Socket 370 and the Intel 440BX chipset, continuing its lead in the industrial PC market.