Socket 370 815E MicroPCI PICMG Full-Size CPU Card With VGA/LAN

Processor Socket Socket 370 supporting P-III CPU up to 1GHz
Processor Intel Pentium? 815E + ICH2
Chipset Intel 815E + ICH2
Bus Speed (FSB) 133MHz
System Memory 2 x 168pin 3.3V DIMM socket up to 512MB SDRAM
VGA/LCD controller SMI721 VGA Chipset SMI 721 (8M/16M) CRT + TFT LCD display. Supports TFT LCD Display, LVDS output to JAE FI-SE20P-HF connector.
BIOS Award Plug & Play license BIOS - 4MB ROM
Vcore HARRIS PWN Controller for Intel 815E solution
Sound out - AC97 2.0 Compatible Audio on ICH-2 chip, stereo sound functions, include Mic-In / Line-In / Line out / Speaker-out
SSD interface-2000 One DOC socket to supports SSD size up to 288M
Watchdog Timer 16 levels (63 levels)
IDE Interface 2 channels ATA-33/66/100MHz. From ICH2
Floppy Drive Interface One FDD port, support up to two floppy devices
Two Serial Ports W83627HF Two COM ports: COM 1 / 2: RS-232
Parallel Port Support SPP/EPP/ECP mode
MicroPCI Slot One MicroPCI slot for upgrade options such as SCSI and extra Ethernet
K/B and Mouse Mini-DIN PS/2 K/B and Mouse connector
Universal Serial Ports Bus Support 2 USB ports - ICH2
IR interface Supports One IrDA header
RTC Internal RTC with Intel ICH2 built-in
EtherNET LAN Intel ICH2 + 82562ET 10/100Mbps LAN chip
IEEE 1394 TSB41LV02 + TSB12LV26 TI solution (manufacturing option)
Operation Temp. 0 degree C ~ 60 degree C
H/W Monitoring W83627HF