Pentium? Motherboards

MI5VMT Socket 7 MVP3, MicroATX, EXTTV (Daughter Card)
TI5VGA VIA MVP3, AGP, ATX, Six Master PCI Slots Support, Onboard Audio
? MI5VP4 Socket 7, 2X AGP, MicroATX, Low Cost to Low Cost, VGA/Audio Onboard
? TI5VGF Socket 7 MVP3, AGP, ATX, Six PCI Master Slots, K6-3 Support, 2M External Cache
? TI5VGS+ VIA MVP3, AGP, ATX, King of Socket 7 Motherboards ,K6-3 Support
? TI5VG+ VIA MVP3, AGP, ATX, ZIF Socket 7
? AI5VG+ VIA MVP3, AGP, Baby AT, Highest Rating in Anandtech Website, K6-3 Support