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TMC Announces First Motherboard With Integrated Intelligent I/O
Using Intel's i960rp Processor

Dual Pentium Pro Processors, On-Board RAID Provide Performance and Reliability

MILPITAS, CA, November 12, 1996—TMC today announced the release of the AD6NF9, the industry's first dual Pentium Pro processor-based server motherboard to incorporate intelligent I/O subsystems using the Intel i960RP processor. The AD6NF9 also incorporates RAID hardware compatible with the I2O specifications released earlier this year, making it the first such motherboard available.

"The AD6NF9 will bring great value to MIS managers by integrating I2O-compatible RAID on the baseboard to add performance and reliability," said Jerry Ferng, TMC's Chief Executive Officer. "Compatibility with the I2O specifications is very important because it reduces the cost of ownership and enables future technology's expandability by providing a standard, common interface for drivers and a message passing protocol between multiple independent I/O subsystems."

The AD6NF9 has been designed to take advantage of the transaction processing power of dual Pentium Pro processors and high-speed data transfers enabled by the PCI bus. Expandability for server applications is provided by six PCI, two ISA slots and a shared PCI/ISA slot. The AD6NF9 also incorporates the Intel 82440FX PCIset.

The on-board i960RP processor not only functions as a PCI bridge, providing more PCI slots, but also manages the RAID subsystems and provides capabilities for enabling server management functions. In addition, other interfaces such as networking can be incorporated as needed by end users.

"With this type of architecture, TMC is changing the dynamics of system design," said Alan Steinberg, general manager of Intel's Enterprise Computing I/O Operation. "This approach creates an open system environment for other I/O vendors to benefit from the intelligence of the i960RP processor, allowing for the creation of robust, feature-laden servers."

"The openness of AD6NF9 makes it a highly flexible motherboard for a variety of server applications, noted Ferng. "For example, our customers can add value through the addition of other networking and storage technologies available from other companies."

AD6NF9 samples are available early January 1997.

TMC is a member of the I2O Special Interest Group (SIG). The SIG is an association of members committed to the design, promotion, maintenance, extension and certification of the intelligent I/O driver specification. The SIG is head quartered at 688 Fourth Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94118 via phone, 415/750-8532, fax, 415/751-4829, or visit their World Wide Web site at http://www.i2osig.org.

TMC, head quartered in Fremont, CA designs, manufactures and markets high-performance Pentium Pro motherboards, along with a line of server management tools including server management software and server monitoring module. For more information, contact TMC at 48550 Fremont Blvd., Fremont CA 94538 via phone, 510/440-0888, fax, 510/445-1082 or e-mail, [email protected].

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