Dual Xeon CPU Card

Chipset Intel 440GX PCIset
Processor Socket Dual Slot 2
Processor Xeon and Pentium !!! Xeon, up to 550MHz or faster (when available)
Host Interface Modified PICMG
Front Side Bus 100MHz
L2 Cache Intergrated in the processor
Onboard Graphics Trident 9525, CRT/LCD support, 2.5MB of SGRAM intergrated, 2X AGP
Main Memory Four 168-pin DIMMs, 3.3V
BIOS Award, 2Mbit flash EPROM, DMI 2.0 support, PnP 1.1a extension, bootable CD-ROM support, LS-120 support
Onboard IDE Supports up to two channels of IDE for up to four devices, supports ATA-33/ATA-44/ATA-66 drives
Power Management ACPI 2.01 and APM 1.2
Dimensions 13.3" x 5.8"