Pentium? III Apollo Pro 133 ATX

Processor Socket Slot 1
Processor Pentium? II/ Pentium? III 233MHz ~ 800MHz
Chipset VIA Apollo Pro 133 chipset
Bus Speed 66/100/133MHz
BIOS Y2K compliant Award BIOS
DMI, Plug and Play
2Mbit Flash ROM
Power Management ACPI
Cache Size L2 cache integrated in the CPU
Memory Three DIMM sockets
ECC/Parity checking
Max. 768MB SDRAM
Onboard IDE PIO Mode 0-4, DMA Mode 0-2 and two channels for up to 4 IDE devices
Bus Master Ultra DMA33/66
Onboard Multi I/O Built-in VT82C686A
IrDA and floppy interface
Two 16550 UART compatible serial ports
One EPP/ECP parallel port
Onboard Audio Built-in VT82C686A
PC97 compliant
Hardware Monitoring Built-in VT82C686A
Monitoring CPU temperature, system temperature, voltages and fan speeds
USB Two ports onboard
IrDA Pin headers
Wake on LAN Pin header
Keyboard PS/2 keyboard connector
Mouse PS/2 keyboard connector
Expansion Slots Five 32-bit PCI slots and one 16-bit ISA slot
One 4X AGP slot VT82C694X)
Form Factor ATX
12" X 7.48" (30.5cm x 19cm)
Other Features Win95-98 shut-off
DIP switch setting
System Monitor utility bundled
LAN/Modem wakeup
Optional Intel LDCM utility
Suspend to RAM (VT82C694X only)