Intel 810 Socket 370 Micro ATX Motherboard

The MI7WBM offers a complete transition to PGA370 package with the integration of the 810 chipset. It delivers optimized graphics for value PCs as well as audio/modem functionality.

Processor Socket

Socket 370
Processor Intel Celeron/Coppermine 300MHz ~ 800MHz
Chipset Intel 810/810E chipset (GMCH 324-pin BGA + ICH 241-pin BGA)
Bus Speed 66 ~ 133MHz
BIOS Y2K compliant Award BIOS
DMI, Plug and Play
Power Management ACPI
Cache Size L2 cache integrated in the CPU
Memory Two 168-pin DIMM sockets, Max 512MB SDRAM
PC-100 compatible DRAM (SPD) recommended for 100MHz bus speed
Onboard IDE Built-in 82801 AA/AB
PIO Mode 0-4, DMA Mode 0-2 and two channels for up to 4 IDE devices
Ultra DMA/33 or Ultra DMA/66
Onboard Multi I/O Winbond 82627HF (APM) supports:
Two 16550 UART compatible serial ports
One floppy interface(3 Mode support)
Keyboard controller
One EPP/ECP parallel port
IrDA interface
Onboard Video Built-in i752 AGP 2X graphics with 4MB of video cache (manufacturing option)
Onboard Audio Built-in 82801 AA/AB
AC97 Codec
Hardware Monitoring Built in Winbond 82627HF
Monitoring for CPU temperature, system temperature, voltages, and fan speeds.
USB Two ports (stacked)
IrDA Pin headers
Wake on LAN Pin header
Keyboard PS/2 keyboard connector
Mouse PS/2 mouse connector
Expansion Slots Three 32-bit PCI slots
One AMR slot
Form Factor Micro ATX
9.65" x 7.87" (24.5cm x 20cm)
Other Features TMC System Monitor utility bundled
LAN/ Modem Wakeup
Optional LANDesk Client Manager
Win95 shut-off