Pentium? II 440BX Motherboard

The above picture is of the LI6BM motherboard.
Processor Socket Slot 1
Processor Pentium? II / Pentium? III / Celeron, 233MHz~500MHz
Chipset Intel 440BX AGPset or VIA Appllo Pro Plus Chipset
Bus Speed 66MHz and 100MHz
BIOS Y2K compliant Award BIOS
DMI, Plug and Play
2Mbit Flash ROM
Power Management ACPI
Cache Size L2 cache integrated in the CPU
Memory Two DIMM sockets
ECC/Parity checking
64MB SDRAM onboard manufacturing option
Max. 320MB
Onboard IDE PIO Mode 0-4, DMA Mode 0-2 and two channels for up to 4 IDE devices
Bus Master Ultra DMA/33
Onboard Multi I/O Winbond 83977TF
Two 16550 UART compatible serial ports
One floppy interface
One EPP/ECP parallel port
TV Out support (S-VHS / RCA)
AGP bus
4MB SGRAM memory
LCD Support Onboard Panel Link connector
Onboard Audio Creative Labs ES1373 + AC97
Connectors for Line In, Line Out, Mic In, Game Port
Hardware Monitoring Winbond W83781D IC
Monitoring CPU temperature, system temperature, voltages and fan speed
USB Two ports on board
IrDA Pin header
LAN Intel 82558B 10/100Mbps Ethernet Controller
Supports Wake on LAN
RJ45 connector on board
Keyboard PS/2 keyboard connector
Mouse PS/2 mouse connector
Riser Card BL21PI Riser Card with two PCI and one ISA slots
Form Factor Custom-size: 11.9"W x 12.5"L
Other Features Modem ring-on & Win95 shut-off
DIP switch setting
Opional LANDesk Client Manager
TMC System Monitor utility bundled