Pentium PISA 430TX Half-sized CPU Card

Host Bus PISA
Processor Socket PGA Socket 7
Processor Intel Pentium, up to 233MHz
AMD K5 or K6, up to 233MHz
Cyrix 6x86 or 6x86MX, up to PR200
Chipset 430TX PCIset
L2 Cache 512KB P.B. SRAM
BIOS 2M-bit Flash ROM with:
DMI 2.0, Plug and Play
System Memory Memory Capacity: 128MB DRAM
Memory Sockets: Two 72-pin SIMMs
Memory Types: FPM/EDO
Power Management APM 1.2
IDE Interface Intel 371EB for:
2x Bus Mastering EIDE mode 4, up to 4 devices
Ultra DMA/33
Multi I/O Winbond 977 with:
One Floppy Controller (2.88MB)
Two Serial Ports (16550 UART compatible)
One Parallel Port (SPP/ECP/EPP)
USB Headers
IrDA Headers
Keyboard and Mouse PS/2 Keyboard DIN Connector and PS/2 Mouse External Connectors
COM1 Port RS-232 with 16 byte FIFO
COM2 Port RS-232/422/485 (jumper selectable)
FDD Interface 1x 360K/720K/1.2MB/1.44MB/2.88MB Floppy Disk Drives
Watchdog Timer 16 level
Onboard Graphics C&T 65550 chip with 1MB memory DRAM (up to 2MB)
Onboard SSD M-Systems DiskOnChip flash disk
Up to 72MB
Hardware Monitoring Winbond W83781D for:
Monitoring for CPU temperature, system temperature voltage and fan speed
Other Features Modem ring-on
Auto Fan Off
PC/104 Connector
ATX Power supply pin out
AT Power Connector
Speaker to Internal Buzzer and External Speaker Connector
Switching Voltage Regulator
Form Factor Half-size PISA (PCI+ISA) CPU Card
7.28" x 4.8"