Pentium ISA 430TX Half-sized CPU Card

Host Bus ISA
Processor Socket 321-pin PGA socket
Processor Intel P54C or P55C (MMX), up to 233MHz
AMD K5 or K6, up to 233MHz
Cyrix 6x86 or 6x86MX, up to PR200
Chipset 430TX PCIset
L2 Cache 512KB P.B. SRAM
BIOS 1M-bit Flash ROM (ready for 2M-bit) with:
DMI 2.0, Plug and Play
System Memory Memory Capacity: 128MB
Memory Sockets: Two 72-pin SIMMs
Memory Types: EDO DRAM
Power Management APM 1.2 (ACPI via ATX Power Supply)
IDE Interface 2x Bus Mastering EIDE mode 4, up to 4 devices, Ultra DMA/33
Multi I/O SMC 37C669 chip
USB Onboard headers
IrDA Onboard headers
Keyboard and Mouse PS/2 mini DIN connector and external connector
Mouse connector is an optional keyboard DIN connector
COM1 Port RS-232 with 16 byte FIFO
COM2 Port RS-232 or RS-422/485 (jumper selectable)
Parallel Port 1x high speed Bi-directional SPP/ECP/EPP
FDD Interface 1x 360K/ 720K/1.2MB/1.44MB/2.88MB Floppy Disk Drives
Speaker Internal buzzer and external speaker connector
Watchdog timer 16 level
Onboard VGA C&T 65550 chip with 1MB memory, expandable to 2MB (manufacturing option)
Supports LCD & CRT display
AT Power Connector 6-pin
ATX Power Supply pin-out 6-pin
LM-75 CPU Temperature sensor
LM-78 Optional hardware monitoring for system temperature, voltages and fan speed
Other features Modem ring-on
Auto Fan Off
Switching Voltage Regulator
PC/104 extension
Form Factor Half-size AT Add-in Card Form Factor
7.28" x 4.8"