Industrial PC Class

Award Flash Utility       AMI Flash Utility
Bios File
CI5TTP 12/14/99 CI5TTP2.bin 3C48 N/A
CI5TTL 2/19/98 CI5TTL1.bin 4434 N/A
CI5TTV 12/1/99


(2Mbits bios)

012D fixed fast EDO lead off and PCI 2.1 compliance CMOS options on top of each
CI5TTV 2/2/99


(1Mbits bios)

5C68 fixed problem with DEC 21150,21152 PCI to PCI bridge won't work
CI5VGM 10/12/99 C5M25AD.bin FC80 fixed PCI to PCI bridge won't work
CI6BM (9525) 3/13/00 CI6BMH5.bin 8043 supper intel coppermine cpu
CI6BM (9520) 12/10/99 CI6BMB5B.bin 9D7C solved FDC can't move and Y2K problem, while watch dog reset.
CI7BM 5/3/00 CI7BMH2.bin 9364 supported ACPI function and >8GB HD;solved celeron 433Mhz shows as 432Mhz
CI7BP 5/3/00 F4C1A.bin 4F54 supported ACPI function
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