VRM Information

Q: What is a VRM?
A: A VRM (Voltage Regulator Module) is required to support Intel's P55C (Pentium with MMX Technology) on motherboards that do not have an onboard voltage regulator. A P55C, unlike a Pentium that requires a split rail voltage; Vcore is 2.8v and the Vi/o is 3.3v. For a Pentium,
Vcore = Vi/o = 3.3v.

Q: Why is a VRM used with the PCI54IT/ITS and PCI54IM motherboards?
A: PCI54IT/ITS and PCI54IM do not have onboard voltage regulators to support P55C directly, therefore a VRM is required to provide Vcore voltage.

Q: How do I install a VRM?
A: For both the PCI54IT\ITS and PCI54IM motherboards there is a 30-pin interface in which the VRM sits. Most VRMs are configured via jumpers which determine the output voltage of the VRM. After configuring the voltage output for 2.8v make sure pin-1 of the VRM is oriented with pin-1 of the 30-pin interface. Then carefully seat the module on the 30-pin interface.

Q: How do I obtain a VRM?
A: Please contact your dealer and they will be able to provide you with assistance in obtaining a VRM.

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