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VPX Pentium Baby AT Motherboards from Taiwan Mycomp

Taipei, Taiwan, June 27, 1997--Taiwan Mycomp (TMC) has announced its latest Baby AT Pentium motherboard that is based on VIA's VPX-B chipset which comes with an asynchronous 75MHz CPU bus. It supports all Socket 7 level CPUs including Intel Pentium (MMX), Cyrix 6x86(L)/(MX) and AMD (K5, K6).

The AI5VP motherboard provides all the features to make a Microsoft PC97 compliant PCI/ISA system. It comes with power management functionality that is compliant with ACPI (Advanced Configuration and Power Interface) and legacy APM requirements. The Ultra DMA/33 achieves HDD transfer rate of 33MB/s and USB allows connections of up to 64 Plug and Play external peripherals per channel.

"The VPX-B allows our customers to build systems compliant with Microsoft PC97 specification at a lower cost," said C. S. Lin, Vice President of Taiwan Mycomp.

Other standard features include memory support up to 256MB (four SIMM sockets and one optional DIMM socket), DIP switches for ease in motherboard configuration, IrDA connector for wireless communication with infrared devices, CPU overheat protection, Modem ring-on, Win95 shut-off and Auto fan-off. The dimensions of the AI5VP motherboard are 8.6" x 8.6" (22cm x 22cm).

Established in 1983, Taiwan Mycomp manufactures a wide range of motherboards supporting Pentium, Pentium/MMX, Pentium Pro and Pentium II CPUs, as well as I2O ready products, industrial CPU cards and VGA/sound cards.

For more information, contact Taiwan Mycomp at [email protected].

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