DVD Decoder Card

Decoder Card Specifications Hardware
Graphics Mpact 3600 Multimedia Processor (M1R)
BIOS 1MB Flash ROM (PCI Configuration, MPACT Video BIOS and Code)
Video Encoder Analog Devices
ADV7175A with Macrovision
S-Video Output
Video Decoder Samsung KSO122
Software selection between composite and S-Video inputs
S/P DIF Crystal CS8401 Transmitter
Digital Audio Output Connector (RCA)
Audio AD1845 Audio Codec (stuffing option for the CS4231A)
Dolby AC-3 5.1 Channel
Connectors RCA Composite Video In
Mini DIN S-VHS Video Out
RCA S/P DIF Digital Audio Out
RJ-11 Modem Line In
Phone Jack: Line In, Line Out and Microphone
DB-15 Joystick/MIDI
DB-15 SVGA Out
Form Factor Half Size PCI
Decoder Card Specifications Software
2D Graphics Full DOS and Windows 95 GUI Acceleration through Microsoft GDI and Direct Draw APIs
Full integration with Direct3D support for Real-Time 3D rendering
VGA register level compatibility and super VGA graphics modes
VGA graphics modes
VESA BIOS Extensions (VBE) 2.0 and UniVBE support
Non-interlaces high screen resolution
3D Graphics Full Windows 95 95 real-tim 3D graphics acceleration through Microsoft Direct
3D API Acceleration of 3D rendering pipeline rasterization
Full integration with Mpact DirectDraw support for rendering to DirectDraw support for rendering to Direct Draw surfaces/texture mapping
Z-buffering and double-buffered rendering
Video Decoding MPEG-1/Video CD playback
MPEG-2 playback Main profile at Main Level ([email protected])
Fully compliant decoding (IEEE 1180-comliant Inverse DCT to ensure crisp picture quality with minimal noise and exact motion compensation for artifact-free motion)
Audio Decoding Dolby Digital AC-3 5.1 channel decode
(64KB/s to 448KB/s data rate)
Video Display Full screen viewing
NTSC (525/60) TV video output
(720 x 480 picture size, 29.97 fps)
16:9 aspect ratio content display
(Letter box for standard V 4:3 screens using letterbox filter, unchanged on standard TV 4:3 or widescreen TV 16:9 screen)
Still-frame MPEG-2 I-frame display
Audio Presentation 2-channel analog output
Dolby Surround encoded
2-channel analog output
S/P DIF digital audio output
SRS TruSurround 2-channel analog output with spatializing effects
DVD Feature Support Up to 32 sub-picture streams for subtitles, menus and simple animation (full-screen, run-length-encoded bitmaps up to 4 contrast values and 4 colors per pixel. Built-in scroll and fade)
Multi language suport for video scenes, audio tracks and menus
Multi-story, multi-rating support
ROM Drive Specifications
Data Transfer Rate DVD: 2,700KB/Sec; CD: 4,100KB/Sec
Data Access Time DVD: 160mx; CD 105ms
Buffer Memory 256KB
Media DVD-ROM disc; CD Audio CD, Photo CD, CD-ROM, CD-ROM/XA, Video CD, CD-I, CD-R
Data Capacity DVD 17GB (double-layer, double-sided); 9.4GB (single-layer, double sided); 8.5GB (dual-layer); 4.7GB (single-layer); CD 748MB (mode 2); 656MB (mode 1)
Loading Front-loading tray mechanism
Ordering Information
DVDTurbo DVDTurbo Decoder Card
DVDTurbo Plus DVDTurbo Decoder Card & 2x DVD ROM Drive
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This implementation has not yet completed the evaluation process by Dolby Laboratories and is offered subject to obtaining approval.
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