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Company Profile


  • Established in May 1983.
  • Shipped 8088 IBM compatible PC systems in November 1983.
  • Designed, manufactured and exported IBM PC compatible add-on cards in 1985.
  • First company in Taiwan to ship PC MFM disk controllers in 1986.
  • Evolved into a motherboard manufacturer in 1986.
  • First company in Taiwan to ship passive backplane CPU cards and EGA cards in 1987.
  • Set up a new product development center in USA in 1987.
  • Set up Germany sales office in 1989 and UK sales office in 1992.
  • Installed the 1st SMD line in 1992.
  • Installed the 2nd SMD line in 1994.
  • Certified ISO9002 in May 1994.
  • First company in Taiwan to ship Pentium motherboards in June 1994

Taiwan Mycomp Ltd. (TMC) was established in May of 1983 to participate in the then nascent PC compatible business. With a very strong emphasis in satisfying customers' needs with highly innovative products, sales grew at an annual rate of 20% to U.S.$100M in 1995, and employee count to 350 worldwide.

TMC's corporate headquarters and manufacturing operations are in Taiwan, with affiliated companies in U.S.A., Canada, New Zealand, Germany and U.K. handling sales and after-sales support functions. To keep ourselves abreast of technological developments, we have established research and design facilities not only in Taiwan but also in the U.S.A. Our current major product lines are motherboards, industrial CPU cards, and interface cards.

Go with TMC, and lead with us!


We at TMC firmly believe that the key to success in the PC industry is to harness new, leading-edge technology and provide in a timely manner state-of-the-art products that offer superior value. Accordingly, we have developed long-term, strategic partnerships with the industry's most influential hardware and software vendors - IBM, Intel, Award, AMI, S3, AMD, Cyrix, and several others. In fact, the TMC engineering team was a vital partner in the implementation of Intel's Pentium processor, and we were the first company in Taiwan to ship Pentium motherboards!

TMC has over 35 experienced professional engineers, with 28 in Taiwan and 7 in the U.S.A. Of these 35 engineers, 15 specialize in hardware design, 5 in CAD/CAM, 4 in BIOS design and 11 in software. With more than 200 man-years of combined experience, our valuable team of engineers ensures that TMC continue to deliver innovative, leading-edge and cost-effective products in a timely manner.


Today's computer users demand a variety of motherboard solutions - low cost, space-saving motherboards, ATX and LPX platforms, or multi-processing, server-based motherboards. The TMC product line was engineered to satisfy any and all of these needs. Our entry level motherboards are equipped with powerful Pentium processors and high performance PCI bus architectures. And for those power users who want only the very best, we have a dual Pentium Pro server motherboard with 200Mhz speed.

All our motherboards are designed to support all major industry operating systems including Microsoft Windows 95, MS-DOS, Windows NT, SCO UNIX, DOS/V, OS/2, Novell Netware and Windows for Workgroup. As for "Plug & Play" solutions, we have VGA cards, MPEG cards and sound cards.

Strong as we are in the commercial office/home PC arena, we are also involved in the industrial PC side with our line of CPU cards and passive backplanes.


TMC's corporate headquarters and manufacturing operations are in Taiwan, with affiliated companies in U.S.A., Canada, New Zealand, Germany and U.K. handling sales and after-sales support functions. Today, we ship products to more than 30 countries worldwide, with Europe absorbing the majority of our shipments.


With 56,000 square feet of space and probably one of the world's most advanced material management systems, TMC's manufacturing facilities allow us to provide customers with innovative products boasting of the best in price/performance ratios. Our very stringent quality control and extra rigorous testing procedures ensure that products that go to our customers are of the highest quality and long term reliability.

Each and every board that comes out of manufacturing is subjected to a battery of tests before being pronounced fit for shipment to customers. First, the board is visually inspected for any defects. Then the board undergoes ICT, or in-circuit testing, to test for circuit problems. If the board passes ICT, it then undergoes a 24-hour burn-in test. If the board successfully endures the burn-in test, it goes through functional testing, which ensures that the board performs according to the design specifications. Finally, the board goes through another visual inspection before being released for packaging.

Our current production capacity is 100K motherboards and more than 50K interface cards per month. This capacity doubled in early part of 1997 when we added two more SMD lines.


TMC's global presence allows us to provide prompt service and support to our customers. Our team of sales and support staff are trained to provide our customers with timely and responsive solutions. In addition, our web site provides 24-hour access from anywhere in the world.



  • Bus - PCI, ISA, EISA
  • Structure - AT, All-in-one
  • Form Factor - Baby AT, Full AT, LPX, ATX

Riser Cards:

  • Bus - PCI, ISA

CPU Cards:

  • PCI, ISA

Interface Cards:

  • Bus - PCI, EISA, ISA
  • SCSI Host Adapter
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