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PC/100 DIMM Modules Compatible with TI5VG+

Part Number DIMM Size
Melco Fujitsu 81F16822D-102LFN 32MB SDRAM
Melco Fujitsu 81F64842B-103LFN 64MB SDRAM
Melco Hitachi HM5264805CTT-B60 64MB SDRAM
Melco Mitsubishi M5M4V16S30DTP-8 32MB SDRAM
Melco Mitsubishi M5M4V64S30ATP-8 64MB SDRAM
Melco NEC D4564163G5-A10B-9JF 32MB SDRAM
Melco NEC D4564063G5-A10B-9JF 64MB SDRAM
Melco Samsung KM48S2020CT-GH 32MB SDRAM
Melco Samsung KM48S8030BT-GH 64MB SDRAM
Melco Toshiba TC59S6408FTL-80H 64MB SDRAM
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