Pentium 430VX Multimedia Motherboard with ATX Form Factor

Socket 7 for:
Intel P54C or P55C (MMX) Processor, up to 200MHz
AMD K5-PR, up to 166MHz
Cyrix 6x86 or 6x86L, up to P166+
IBM 6x86 and 6x86L, up to P166+

Intel 430VX PCIset

L2 Cache
256KB or 512KB P.B. synchronous SRAM
Upgrade can be done via onboard P.B. SRAM or a COAST Module

System Memory
Memory Capacity: 128MB
Memory Sockets: Four 72-pin SIMMs and two 168-pin DIMMs
Memory Types: FPM, EDO or SDRAM

Onboard I/O
SMC 37C932 with:
1 Floppy Controller (2.88MB)
2 Serial Ports (16550 UART compatible)
1 Parallel Port (ECP/EPP)
Integrated RTC and AMI Keyboard Controller

Onboard IDE
2 Channels of Bus Master IDE ports for up to four IDE devices
PIO Mode 3 and 4 for up to 16.7MB/Sec
DMA Mode 2 for up to 22MB/Sec

Onboard Graphics
S3 Virge/Virge DX/Virge GX 2D/3D accelerator
2MB of EDO video memory, upgradable to 4MB
2MB of SGRAM video memory, upgradable to 4MB of SGRAM video memory (for Virge GX only)
34-pin LPB Connector

Onboard Audio
ESS ES1868 audio: PC97 compliant, PnP, full duplex, 16-bit decode

USB Ports
Two onboard USB headers

AMI BIOS in 1Mbit flash EPROM with:
Plug and Play and add-in card support
DMI support
APM 1.2

Four PCI slots
Two ISA slots
One shared slot

Board Size
ATX Form Factor

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