PCI54IT and PCI54ITS BIOS Upgrades


    Award BIOS Version I13. For PCI54IT 2.00 (SMC 665). This BIOS adds support for Y2K Compliance.
  • PCI54IT10T.EXE
    Award BIOS Version I10T-ZG. This BIOS version supports PCI54IT (SMC 665 only). It will add 200MHz to the sign-on message to the I10-ZG version.
  • PCI54IT10U.EXE
    Award BIOS Version I10U-ZG: For use with UMC's 669 Super I/O Floppy Disk Controller with Infrared Support.
    AMI BIOS Version T8U-ZG: For use with UMC's 669 multi-I/O chip.

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