Pentium II 440BX Full-sized CPU Card

Processor Socket Slot 1
Processor Pentium II, up to 450MHz
Chipset 440BX AGPset
Bus Speed 100MHz
L2 Cache Integrated in the CPU
BIOS 2M-bit Flash ROM with:
DMI 2.0, Plug and Play
System Memory Memory Capacity: 256MB Unbuffer/512MB Buffer
Memory Sockets: Two 168-pin DIMMs
Memory Types: PC/100, SDRAM
Data Integrity: ECC/ Parity Checking
Onboard IDE Supports PIO Mode 0-4, DMA Mode 0-2
Two channels for up to 4 IDE devices
Bus Master Ultra DMA/33
Onboard Multi I/O Winbond W83977 with:
One Floppy Controller (2.88MB)
Two Serial Ports (16550 UART compatible)
One Parallel Port (SPP/ECP/EPP)
Keyboard BIOS embedded
Onboard Graphics Trident 9520 KB-2 with 2MB SDRAM embedded
133MHz AGP-2X with Side Band
Onboard SSD DiskOnChip supports M-Systems/Disk
2MB to 72MB
Hardware Monitoring Winbond W83781D IC for:
Monitoring for CPU temperature, system temperature voltage and fan speed
USB Two Headers
IrDA Headers
Keyboard and Mouse PS/2 Keyboard and Mouse Connector
Watchdog Timer Programmable Watchdog Timer: 16 level
LAN VIA VT86C100A 10M/100M BaseT Ethernet PCI Bus
RJ-45 connector onboard
Expansion Slots On a Backplane Four 32-bit PCI slots (TMC Part#: PBUS8A)
Five 16-bit ISA slots (TMC Part#: PBUS8A)
Four 32-bit PCI slots (TMC Part#: PCIBUS10B)
Nine 16-bit ISA slots (TMC Part#: PCIBUS10B)
One PICMG slot (TMC Part#: PCIBUS10B)
Other Features Modem ring-on & Win 95 shut off (via ATX power supply)
Connector for DSTN/TFT LCD display
6-pin ATX connector
TMCSM (TMC System Monitoring) Utility
Optional LANDesk client Manager
PC/104 extension
PICMG compliance
PC97 compliance
Board Size Full AT Add-in Card Form Factor
13.4" x 4.9"
PICMG Compliance
Fully compliant to PICMG standards
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