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CI5TTV Jumper Settings

SW1(1-4): CPU Voltage Selector

For Single Voltage CPU: Intel P54C, Cyrix 6x86, AMD K5
SW1 (1-4) Vio Vcore
3.5V 3.5V

For Dual Voltage CPU: Intel P55C, Cyrix 6x86L/MX, AMD K6
SW1 (1-4) Vio Vcore CPU
3.3V 3.5V
3.3V 3.2V K6-233
3.3V 3.0V
3.3V 2.9V K6-166
3.3V 2.8V P55C
3.3V 2.7V
3.3V 2.6V
3.3V 2.5V

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SW3(1-4): CPU Frequency Selector

For Intel Pentium CPU
SW3 (1-4) Bus Clock Multiplier CPU Freq.
60MHz 1.5x P54C-90
66MHz 1.5x P54C-100
60MHz 2x P54C-120
66MHz 2x P54C-133
60MHz 2.5x P54C-150
66MHz 2.5x P54C/P55C-166
66MHz 3x P54C/P55C-200
66MHz 3.5x P55C-233

SW3 (1-4) Bus Clock Multiplier CPU Freq.
66MHz 1.5x K5-PR100 (100MHz)
66MHz 1.5x K5-PR133 (133MHz)
66MHz 1.75x K5-PR166 (116.7MHz)
66MHz 3x K6-200
66MHz 3.5x K6-233

For Cyrix 6x86 CPU
SW3 (1-4) Bus Clock Multiplier CPU Freq.
60MHz 2x 6x86(L)-P150+
66MHz 2x 6x86(L)-P166+
60MHz 2.5x 6x86MX-PR166
66MHz 2.5x 6x86MX-PR200
66MHz 3x 6x86MX-PR233

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