Pentium II 440FX Multimedia Motherboard with Baby AT Form Factor

Processor Socket Socket 8 on TMC's KP6 CPU Module (optional)
Upgradeable to Slot 1
Processor Pentium Pro, up to 200MHz
Pentium II, up to 333MHz
Chipset Intel 440FX PCIset
L2 Cache L2 cache integrated in the CPU
System Memory Memory Capacity: 768MB
Memory Sockets: Six 72-pin SIMMs
Memory Type: EDO
Data Integrity: ECC/Parity Checking
Onboard IDE Supports PIO Mode 0-4, DMA Mode 0-2
Two channels for up to 4 IDE devices
Bus Master Ultra DMA/33
Onboard I/O SMC 37C669 with:
One floppy controller
Two 16550 UART compatible serial ports
One ECP/EPP parallel port
Onboard Audio Creative Vibra 16CL
Onboard Graphics S3 ViRGE 2D/3D graphics controller
2MB of video memory, expandable to 4MB
USB Two onboard USB headers
IrDA Interface Onboard infrared header
Keyboard & Mouse Onboard 5-pin DIN AT keyboard connector
Onboard PS/2 mouse header connector (requires a conversion cable)
Expansion Slots Four 32-bit PCI slots
Two 16-bit ISA slots
Form Factor Baby AT Form Factor
8.6" x 13.3"
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