AI5VP BIOS Upgrades


Please note that despite the numbering of this BIOS version, AI5VP2 is a newer version than AI5VP5.
    AWARD BIOS Version AI5VP-B2-1226. This BIOS will solve the problem, with Cyrix 6x86, 6x86L, and 6x86MX CPUs, when you cannot turn on your computer. It also supports the ZIP-100 boot up function. This BIOS is to be used with AI5VP, AI5VP(B), AI5VPL-1.00 and 1.00b.
  • AI5VP5.EXE
    AWARD BIOS Version AI5VP-A5. This BIOS will solve the ISA VGA card problem.

Please note that sometimes when you use the flash utility to upgrade the BIOS, you may get a message that reads, "The program files' part numbers do not match..." Just ignore this message and press "YES" to continue.

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