Dual Pentium Pro I2O Ready Motherboard with Full AT Form Factor

Processor Socket Socket 8
Processor Single or Dual Pentium Pro Processor, up to 200MHz
Chipset Intel 440FX Natoma PCIset with I/O APIC
L2 Cache CPU built-in 256KB or 512KB
BIOS 1Mbit flash EPROM with:
DMI 2.0, Plug and Play
APM 1.2
Integrated SCSI BIOS to support: Symbios 53C810 or Adaptec AIC-7850
System Memory Memory Capacity: 1GB
Memory Sockets: Four 72-pin SIMMs and two 168-pin DIMMs
Memory Type: EDO
Data Integrity: ECC/Parity Checking
Onboard IDE Supports PIO Mode 0-4, DMA Mode 0-2
Two channels for up to 4 IDE devices
Bus Master Ultra DMA/33
Onboard I/O SMC 665 with:
One Floppy Controller (2.88MB support)
Two Serial Ports (16550 UART compatible)
One Parallel Port (ECP/EPP)
IrDA* Header (manufacturing option)
* Requires an SMC 665Ir
Onboard Intelligent I/O Processor Intel i960rp-33 RISC Processor
Ready for an i960rp-66 (Kaibab) Processor
Firmware in 2MBit of embedded flash EPROM
Up to 256MB of local memory for i960 processor
Ready for I2O compliant HDMs: i.e. RAID HDM
Onboard VGA S3 765 with 1MB of memory, expandable to 2MB
VGA feature connector
H/W Monitoring Onboard 26-pin header for a TMC H/W monitoring card
The H/W monitoring card provides:
ASR (Automatic Server Restart)
Temperature Monitoring
Fan failure Detection
Voltage Monitoring
USB Ports Two onboard USB headers
Expansion Slots Four Intelligent 32-bit PCI slots
Three Primary 32-bit PCI slots
Two 16-bit ISA slots
Board Size Full AT Form Factor
12" x 13"
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